KAMRA™ Corneal Inlay

The KAMRA™ Inlay treatment is an eye procedure that restores near vision and frees you from the constant frustrations of reading glasses. In our 40s and 50s, we begin to experience a natural decline in our near vision, making simple tasks like looking at a phone or reading a book difficult. This near vision loss is called presbyopia.


What is presbyopia?

Much like a camera, our eyes need the ability to adjust and focus so that we can see up close as well as far away. Over time, the eyes natural lenses that were once flexible and elastic become stiff making it harder for the eyes to adjust and focus. When this happens, many people turn to reading glasses to make up for their vision loss, but this can be frustrating!

Now, there’s an effective and proven procedure that can reduce our dependency on those pesky reading glasses. It’s called the KAMRA™ corneal inlay.


What is the KAMRA corneal inlay?

It is the number one prescribed corneal inlay in the world. It has been proven to safely and effectively restore your near vision while maintaining your distance vision. This simple implant has the power to free you from the frustrations of reading glasses and turn back the clock on your sight.

You’re in luck—the Colorado Eye Institute now offers this innovative procedure!


How does KAMRA work?

The KAMRA inlay is an implant that sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea. Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, this implant is a mini-ring with an opening in the center that is placed in only one of the eyes. Before the KAMRA corneal inlay, the eye is unable to focus light that is coming into your eye causing blurry vision, but after, the unfocused light or blurry light is blocked, thus making the near vision clear again. This is called the pinhole effect.


How do I know if this procedure is right for me?

It’s important to understand that presbyopia is a natural occurrence with age and eventually, it happens to everyone!

The KAMRA corneal inlay is ideal for individuals who are 45 to 65 years old and have become or are becoming dependent on reading glasses, but whose eyes are otherwise healthy.

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