ORA™ System with VerifEye + Technology

ORA™ System technology is a sophisticated device used to provide real-time measurements of the patients eye during cataract surgery. At any point during the procedure, the surgeon can take a measurement, which is then analyzed by the ORA™ System. These real-time measurements provide specific information guiding the surgeon through the procedure like a GPS.


Benefits of ORA™ System with VerifEye + Technology

  • Cataract surgery using the ORA™ System may provide a more precise surgery
  • It is clinically proven to improve outcomes for LASIK patients and people with astigmatism



1. Now does the ORA SYSTEM™ work?

The ORA SYSTEM™ assesses your eye during cataract surgery, much like a GPS System tracks your progress on the road. With this data, your doctor can make real-time adjustments to arrive at a better result.

2. How will customized cataract surgery enhance my outcomes?

During a customized procedure, your doctor can use the ORA SYSTEM™ to analyze the state of your eye during the procedure to confirm you vision correction needs. This differs from traditional cataract surgery, where visual disorders are addressed afterwards, during follow-up visits.

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